EMC UK is operated by NJM Wood Machinery (2000) Ltd

UK Sole agents for EMC s.r.l, Imola, Italy

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Calibrating & Sanding
Smart 300
Explorer 650
Explorer 950
Explorer 1100
Venus 1100
Venus 1300
Giant 1350
Undertop 1000-1300
Polishing & Buffing
Easy Gloss
Rotoplus 135 BRILL
Rotoplus 135 LUC
Rotoplus 135 LEV
Machine Construction
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Tel - 07836 704 691  | Email - andrew.moxey@ntlworld.com

EMC have a passion for sanding and polishing and a passion for their machines. Their real passion, however, is their customers.


As sole agents for EMC we know that no-one can tell you the finish you require, we work with you to obtain the machine you need and to provide you with a cost effective cutting edge solution to your issues.


With a comprehensive range of machines from 300mm wide upwards EMC know they'll be able to satisfy any type of sanding request.


Some claim that they are the best, as the saying goes, “Empty vessels make most noise”.  Unfortunately they also create most vibration and give limited finish. EMC do not make idle claims, they stand by their machines with  a 2 year limited warrantee on defects in materials made by them and will replace or repair at their expense.

History Of EMC

EMC was founded in 1999 in Monterenzio (BO) and started its works in a small shed of 260 m2. Despite this the company had solid foundations in the 30-year experience of its founders, which was nurtured working for some world leading names in the woodworking sector. In 2002, EMC moved to Imola and set up a new plant of 780 m2. With years passing, EMC has grown rapidly, and experience has been integrated with the work of young engineers and technicians who have contributed essential knowledge on new technologies. The product range has been widely expanded and, in addition to the machines for the small and medium sized industry, in 2005 EMC designed the top range for big companies.

In December 2006, EMC moved to the new plant of 2300 m2, which became necessary as a consequence of the dramatic increase in orders. EMC has again proved to be a very dynamic company with many different projects being considered and carried out.

The main goal of EMC is to increase performance while reducing the prices of the machines in its range. In line with this objective, EMC is developing a new product range based on the application of innovative technologies and a strong product engineering.