EMC UK is operated by NJM Wood Machinery (2000) Ltd

UK Sole agents for EMC s.r.l, Imola, Italy

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Undertop 1000-1300
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Undertop 1000-1300

By using state of the art design technology EMC manage to incorporate the ultimate in strength and stability whilst reducing the need for unnecessary materials and therefore cost.

The frames are constructed in welded box sections of carbon steel which reduces weight and cost whilst retaining stability.  The machines can run even on three feet such is the strength of construction.

Electronic parts are made up of top quality components to ensure reliability and serviceability. Components such as electronics and pneumatic systems are placed on the machines to give maximum access for service thus cutting down service times and machine down time.

Extraction hoods have been developed to  maximise extraction for minimum drain on your system thus saving on running costs.

Performance balanced with cost result in the best machine you can buy for your hard earned money. When your finish counts, you can count on EMC.